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Whether you need someone to maintain your lawn, edge your flower garden, or if you’re looking to have a complete patio and outdoor kitchen designed, the landscaping team at ZJ’s Estate Maintenance can do it all. We have decades of experience working with homeowners in the Brownstown area and our family-owned company is operated by long-time locals. We will work hard to ensure that you love every detail of your landscape, from the soil to the tops of your trees. Whatever you need for your lawn, get in touch with our team for a free estimate.

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Our Landscaping Services Include:

  • Landscape Design

  • Yard Maintenance

  • Planting & Gardening Services

  • Mulching & Edging

  • Seasonal Maintenance

  • Spring Cleanups

  • Fall Cleanups

  • Snow Removal

What is Landscaping?

Landscaping is any activity that modifies the natural features of an area of land on your property. From trees and bushes to flowers and gravel, you can create beautifully detailed spaces with professional landscaping services.

When you work in your yard with the goal of creating beauty in your landscape, you are performing the act of landscaping. Landscaping takes on many different styles depending on your personal preferences and the type of plants that will thrive where you live. At ZJ’s Estate Maintenance, our team of professionals has the experience and knowledge to help your landscaping goals come to life. Contact us today to get started.

Landscape Design

Sometimes the hardest part about landscaping is creating the initial plan and strategy — where do you put walkways, how large should the patio be, what flowers grow best in certain areas, etc. The team at ZJ’s can work with you to create a landscape design that fits your style, needs, and budget. When we have a plan in place, we will implement each element and can provide ongoing maintenance.

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Yard Maintenance

In order to maintain your lawn, it takes consistent weeding, watering, trimming, and more. There are many things that can be done to help your lawn look fresh for as long as possible, like mulching, but a great lawn also needs reseeding, weed control, fertilization plans, disease prevention, and more. The ZJ team understands what a lawn needs and will execute various yard maintenance tasks throughout the year to keep your landscape looking amazing.


Planting & Gardening Services

Do you want fresh flowers in your garden to enhance curb appeal? Do you want new trees planted? Keeping a garden is a great way to make your landscape have a lush, natural look. But flowers often have short growing seasons, requiring different flowers to be planted depending on the time of year. Whatever look you want to create for your home and garden, we can take care of all the details.

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Mulching & Edging

Adding mulch and edging is a great way to create defined spaces in a landscape, whether it’s around a tree, a garden space, or even along a walkway. When installing edging and applying mulch to an area, it needs to be done correctly to ensure a long-lasting feature. Our team has the tools and experience to get the job done right.

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Seasonal Maintenance

In order to ensure your yard is healthy year round, it takes seasonal cleanup. For spring landscaping services, we will clear away branches, stems, leaves, and other debris that accumulated during the winter, we will start planting new plants and flowers, and will give your lawn the appropriate care to keep it looking great in the summer. Fall services can include cleaning up garden spaces, trimming trees and hedges, and getting the landscape ready for winter.

If you want help creating a landscape design or need professional lawn care to maintain your yard, get in touch with the landscaping professionals at ZJ’s Estate Maintenance. We provide service throughout the Brownstown, PA area and can keep your lawn looking its best.

Experience the Benefits of Professional Landscaping

From an English garden and a woodland landscape to a Japanese zen garden and more, there is an almost endless list of possible landscaping styles and designs to try. A beautifully manicured lawn can be the envy of the neighborhood, but it takes consistent time and effort in order for a landscape to look its best and to maintain it. From watering and cutting the grass, to mulching the garden, installing edging around trees, and even creating patio areas — it’s not often that homeowners have the amount of time and experience that is required to create their ideal landscape. Whatever you envision for your landscape or hardscape, you can count on ZJ’s Estate Maintenance to create and maintain a truly superior lawn, garden, and overall aesthetic.

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Yard Maintenance

In order to maintain your lawn, it takes consistent weeding, watering, trimming, and more. There are a variety of tasks you can do to help your lawn look thick, lush, and green all summer long, but to keep it looking pristine, you’ll also need to consider the additional work you’ll need to include: weed control, fertilization, aeration, disease prevention, reseeding, and more. At ZJ’s Estate Maintenance in Brownstown, we are proud to offer the superior landscaping services you need throughout the Lancaster area. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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Planting and Gardening Services

Flowers are a great way to add a pop of color, enhance your curb appeal, and create pleasing fragrances. Trees enhance privacy while also creating wonderful shaded areas. Whether you’ve dabbled in container gardening or would like to explore new ideas, the team of landscapers at ZJ’s is here to help you achieve your goal. Let us know which planting and gardening services you need.

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Mulching and Edging

Mulching and edging are great ways to create distinct areas within your overall landscape. From setting off a secluded seating area to highlighting a flower bed and more, you might be surprised how finished your yard will look with these important items. Proper installation of edging and mulching requires more than simply adding it to an area. Since you want it to last as long as possible, when you contact the team at ZJ’s Estate Maintenance, we’ll ensure you get the superior landscaping results you want.

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Seasonal Maintenance

Having a gorgeous lawn and landscape year round requires regular maintenance. Your landscape will need different services depending on the season, and if you don’t have the time or knowledge to ensure proper care, then it’s important to hire a landscaping company you can trust. From clearing away winter debris and planting spring bulbs to fertilizing your plants and more, we have you covered.

Contact the landscaping professionals at ZJ’s Estate Maintenance to learn more about the variety of landscaping services we offer, and schedule your free estimate today. We proudly serve clients throughout the Brownstown, PA area and we would love to serve you.

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ZJ’s Estate Maintenance is located in Brownstown, PA, and we provide quality landscaping and hardscaping services throughout the Lancaster area. We have experience working with landscapes of all sizes and shapes, and you can rest assured that you’ll be able to get the landscape you’ve always wanted when you work with us. Find out more by scheduling a free, in-home estimate. Call ZJ’s Estate Maintenance in Brownstown today.

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