Your Landscaping Company Serving Lancaster and Landscape Ideas

Your backyard is one of the most useful and versatile parts of your home, and you might not even be aware of it. When you stop and consider all of the things that can be done with your backyard, you wonder why you didn't think about this sooner.

Many homeowners have a love/hate relationship with their backyards. They love their yard and want to get more out of it, but they are unwilling or not sure how to do the work. They think a fountain or path through the garden would be nice, but they need help.

Which is why you need to call a landscape service.

Just think about what your backyard would look like if you had it properly landscaped. You put forth the effort and spend money to ensure the inside of your house looks great, such dedication should apply to your backyard as well. After all, it is part of your living space.

Maybe you don’t have the foresight to see just how awesome your backyard can be. Zj's Estate Maintenance, your landscaping company serving Lancaster, offers ways you can spruce up your backyard.

Big Rocks

If you have a really big yard, you need something to break it up. You can make a statement by placing a big rock right in the middle of your yard. You can also choose to have several smaller rocks placed in strategic places in your yard.

We aren’t talking about rocks that you can load up in a wheelbarrow, we are talking about rocks that need to be moved with a big truck.


This might be a bit obvious, but if you have beautiful flowers planted in your yard, it will look amazing. You can also have a flower garden, if that suits you better or fill decorative pots with your favorite flowers. You can even have a mix of all three options if you love flowers.

Rambling Vines

Yet another way you can have your outdoor space all spruced up is by having rambling vines planted in your yard. There is nothing quite as romantic and stately than deep tendrils winding their way around your shutters and fences. It is even better if you choose a vine that blooms pretty flowers.

Baskets and Planters

Anybody who knows anything about landscaping knows that it should never be one-dimensional. Add layers to your backyard with eye-catching elevated planters and hanging baskets. This is a brilliant strategy that gives the impression of layers of flowers rising and falling in your yard.


Shrubbery can transform the entire look of your yard. Blooming shrubs can make a huge impact all across your backyard.

Sitting Area

You can create a nice, quiet space in your yard where people can sit down and relax. Just have your landscape company utilize paving stones or gravel and add a few plants and flowers. You add a few chairs and you have an excellent spot to sip iced tea or wine and have a picnic.

A landscaped yard makes your home look even better and more inviting. Call Zj’s Estate Maintenance today.