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Your backyard is one of the most useful and versatile parts of your home, and you might not even be aware of it. When you stop and consider all of the things that can be done with your backyard, you wonder why you didn't think about this sooner.

Many homeowners have a love/hate relationship with their backyards. They love their yard and want to get more out of it, but they are unwilling or not sure how to do the work. They think a fountain or path through the garden would be nice, but they need help.

Which is why you need to call a landscape service.

Just think about what your backyard would look like if you had it properly landscaped. You put forth the effort and spend money to ensure the inside of your house looks great, such dedication should apply to your backyard...

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Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring for 2020, and that gets us excited at ZJ’s Estate Maintenance. Springtime is when we get to be our most creative by helping our clients to envision what they want in the landscaping designs of their properties, and it’s the best time to get yards ready for full growth throughout the rest of the year.

For many, however, this realization has left them unready for everything that goes into sprucing up their yards. For best results, it is necessary to begin with a proper spring cleanup. Once that is accomplished, it is important to consider whether any plants will be added,...

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Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? If not, there’s not much time to spare. Don’t get caught off-guard. There’s nothing worse than appearing unprepared when celebrating the holiday with your loved one.

Even if it seems like you’ve thought of everything, it’s easy for something like the condition of your yard to be overlooked when you’re worrying about dinner reservations and shopping for gifts. Don’t blame yourself! During the winter, everyone forgets all about yard maintenance. With spring just around the corner, however, a spring cleanup might be just the thing you need to impress your significant other this Valentine’s Day.



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