Protecting the health and beauty of your yard’s landscaping year-round, our landscaping crews offer superior service backed by unparalleled knowledge of regional plant and soil needs. ZJ’s Estate Maintenance been serving homeowners in the Brownstone area for decades, establishing robust growth and lasting beauty throughout the community.

Our yard maintenance services include:

Seasonal Cleanups —

Performed during spring and fall, seasonal cleanups ensure beauty and strength, even during the harshest winters and most brutal summers. Reducing the risk of disease and insect damage, seasonal cleanups include:

  • Leaf, branch, and clutter removal

  • Organic material composting

  • Plant fertilization

  • Re-seeding

  • Weed removal and control

Shrub Trimming —

Regardless of type or species, every shrub needs routine trimming. Removing broken or unhealthy branches and limbs does more than ensure proper growth; it protects against the spread of disease, keeps water use to a minimum, and limits damage from pests.

Tree Trimming —

Safety is our highest priority, so every member of the ZJ’s Estate Maintenance team is extensively trained to trim and treat trees with care. Keeping the customer’s needs and expectations in mind, we perform every project with the homeowner present in order to avoid any confusion and to ensure complete satisfaction.

Plant Care —

To protect your flowers and plants against disease, mold, and insects, our teams routinely fertilize, feed, and add fresh mulch your garden beds as needed. We replace dead and dying plants with fresh annuals and perennials and keep weeds in check through effective weed management techniques.

Discover all the benefits of working with a landscape maintenance professional by contacting ZJ’s Estate Maintenance now. With no-obligation, on-site estimates, there’s nothing to lose but so much to gain.