Mulching & Edging

Going beyond the basics, the Zj’s Estate Maintenance team strives for long-term sustainability with all of your outdoor features. Working to protect the health and beauty of your landscape, regardless of what time of year it is, our crews offer are as adept with our add-on services such as mulching and edging, as they are with our foundational services. By adding mulching and edging to your service package, you’ll enjoy an outdoor area you can be proud of, year round.

Mulching —

Adding a layer of texture and color to both landscaping and gardening beds, mulch does more than beautify. The addition of mulch means improved water conservation, protection against harmful molds and pests, and boosted root health for plants. Available in a variety of colors, materials, and styles, mulch can also be used alongside walkways and within play areas.

Edging —

Lawn and garden edging gives you that clean, sharp appearance to your yard you didn’t know you needed. Stabilizing garden and landscaping beds as well as keeping pathways clear of overgrowth, edging cuts down maintenance while providing safety and beauty.

Discover the many benefits of mulching and edging by requesting a free, on-site estimate now.