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Benefits of a well-landscaped outdoor space:

  • Improve quality of life

  • Economic benefits

  • Reduces use of natural resources

  • Good for the air and water

  • Trees and grass provide cooler temperatures

  • One-of-a-kind yard

  • Retaining walls prevent erosion

  • Encourages family outdoor time

  • A landscaped yard is great for entertaining

  • Help the environment

  • An investment in your home


At ZJ’s Estate Maintenance, we are confident you won’t find a company who provides the expertise and customer support that we do. From start to finish, our craftsmanship is what’s made us one of the most sought-after landscaping companies in the Brownstown area.

Our landscape design team shares a common passion for outdoor living spaces. We simply enjoy planning and designing our clients’ outdoor living spaces almost as much as they enjoy using them.

Backed by years of experience, our approach to landscape design is bolstered by our use of state-of-the-art tools and technology. With a bit of creativity and passion, we have designed some of the most beautiful backyard spaces, transforming bland into beautiful and funky into functional. You have a unique vision for your yard’s landscaping, and together, we can turn your ideas into a striking reality.

Discover the difference when passion and experience fuse. Schedule a free design consultation with a ZJ’s associate now. We look forward to helping you transform your favorite outdoor space.

Let Us Design and Maintain Your Landscape

One of the most challenging parts of improving your yard is knowing where to start. With a blank canvas, the possibilities are endless — where should you put a patio, should there be walking paths, what kinds of plants do you want, what about irrigation, what about existing structures like fences or trees? With our professional landscape design team working for you, you can sit back and relax a while and let us take over all of the planning and maintenance.

Landscape Design

Our landscape designers will begin by working with you to develop a plan for your yard. We’ll take your vision, wants, and needs and will implement each and every element with professional care and attention. Whether it’s a new patio, a walkway with edging, a retaining wall with plants and shrubs, or a lawn space with healthy, beautiful grass, we’ll design and implement a yard that you can truly enjoy for years to come.

Plant Selection

There are hundreds of plants, including flowers, shrubs, and bushes that will thrive in the Lancaster climate, so how do you choose what works best for your yard and personal style? Whether it’s rose bushes, hydrangeas, peonies, or geraniums, we’ll discuss what colors you want, placement, and the overall look you’re trying to achieve. If you’re not sure, you can let our experts take over and you can rest assured knowing that your landscape is in capable and knowledgeable hands.

When we have chosen a selection of plants, we’ll also make sure they are in the right location of your yard so that they get proper light, have access to water, and are getting the long-term maintenance they need to thrive.

Hardscaping Services

If you’re concerned about how much water a landscape requires and want to go a different route, hardscaping can be combined with traditional landscaping services to create a yard that is functional and beautiful. Many backyards have a patio directly outside the back door, but from there, there are dozens of options, including walkways, steps, rock gardens, gravel seating areas, retaining walls, pavers, and more.

But like overall landscape design, having the vision and creating the initial hardscape design can be challenging. Our team will be there to offer guidance and hardscaping expertise to ensure that your yard feels natural to walk through while still having plenty of foliage to create an inviting space.

Lawn Maintenance

After your lawn is designed and constructed, we won’t just leave you to manage it all by yourself. An updated landscape design requires regular maintenance and care to protect the health of the plants and to keep the entire space looking its best. Whether you need weekly lawn care, monthly, or just someone to come through between seasons to clean up the lawn and prepare for the next season, you can count on ZJ’s Estate Maintenance in Lancaster for complete landscaping services.

Whatever your vision is for your yard, trust the landscaping design and build team at ZJ’s. We’re to help create a landscape that you and your family can enjoy for years.

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