Retaining Wall Installation

Providing much more than simple aesthetics, retaining walls are put into place to improve a property’s drainage capabilities and provide support for keeping soil in place. When done correctly, a well-designed retaining wall will prevent sinkholes, dirt movement, and soil erosion while providing functional beauty to any level of your property.

At ZJ’s Estate Maintenance, we understand the structural integrity of retaining wall installation depends on superior design and engineering. While we work to create hardscaping that is pleasing to the eye, we build retaining walls to be functionally sound, address and solve any soil erosion issues on slopes, keep your landscaping beautiful and your property free of damage from soil displacement.

Your retaining wall doesn’t have to be an eyesore. The right materials and design choices can blend in and even enhance your landscaping and outdoor living spaces. Vertical or sloped, straight or curved, walls designed to hold back hills and graduated slopes can be made from hardscape block with techo block products for pavers and blocks.

Never take on installing a retaining wall as a DIY project. Because of their structural importance, they must be engineered and designed to your specific slope and soil needs. As experts in retaining wall design and building, we provide first-rate workmanship and skill, and we guarantee solid performance from your retaining walls that will last years.

Find out more about the benefits of retaining wall installation. Contact the ZJ’s Estate Maintenance team in Brownstown. We provide on-site, no-obligation project estimates with a smile.