Outdoor Living Spaces for Your Complete Comfort

ZJ’s Estate Maintenance designs and builds patios, pergolas, and more to create an outdoor space where you can relax.

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Create an Outdoor Living Space Your Family Can Enjoy

If you love spending time outdoors, your backyard is a wonderful place to go and relax. But when your yard is an empty space with just grass, or worse, full of weeds, the outdoor experience won’t be nearly what you need. At ZJ’s Estate Maintenance, our landscape design and builders can create a space that you can’t wait to spend time in. From a beautiful patio where you can put your BBQ to an overhead pergola to create some shade, to water features and fire pits, we can do it all. Transform your outdoor space today.

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Features of a Great Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Spaces

Enhance Your Landscape With a Complete Outdoor Living Space

Allowing you and your friends and family to relax in true luxury, an outdoor living space provides comfort and functionality in one gorgeous setting. Whether you prefer an area where you can recline with a refreshing beverage or would love to spend your summer nights under the stars, an outdoor living space expands your horizons as well as your home’s usable square feet.

With ZJ’s Estate Maintenance in Brownstown, you can depend on exemplary craftsmanship and superior service. From patio installation to overhead pergola, every feature of your outdoor living space is thoughtfully planned out and built with care that only decades of experience can promise.

As both a landscape designer and professional builder, ZJ’s Estate Maintenance offers peace of mind with every task by providing a ZJ project manager to be onsite everyday ensuring unparalleled quality.

We are experts in layouts, material selection, luxury features, including water displays and fire elements. We know how to optimize even the smallest or most challenging of outdoor living spaces, working to give you the space you want, within the budget you need, and within a timeline that makes sense.

Bring us your ideas or have us create an outdoor living space for you. We provide free project estimates alongside personalized service without compromise. Discover the possibilities and call today.

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For All Your Landscaping Needs, Trust ZJ’s Estate Maintenance

Designing, building, and maintaining a landscape is much more than just a nice green lawn, bright flowers, and trimmed hedges, even though those are an important part. Outdoor living spaces and landscape design elements can truly enhance a space and make it more functional as well as beautiful. ZJ’s Estate Maintenance can set your backyard apart, making it a place where you and your family will love spending time.

Outdoor Living Spaces and Elements For Your Landscape

When you work with ZJ’s Estate Maintenance, we’ll work closely with you to plan a layout and design that fits your needs and lifestyle. However big or small your yard is, we can use our design and construction expertise to combine both hardscaping and natural landscaping elements to create a cohesive, beautiful yard.

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Patio & Walkways

A patio outside the back door and walkways from the front driveway or through the yard make a landscape functional, increase safety, and create opportunities for adding natural elements surrounding the patio or walkway. Various materials can be used to fit your overall design aesthetic.

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Seating and Dining Areas

Whether you’re creating a complete outdoor kitchen or just need a space for a small table and a few chairs, there are endless possibilities. The style and materials of the area can range from pebbles to stamped concrete to pavers, and more. You can even create built-in seating with a retaining wall.

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Water Features

Nothing says luxury outdoor space quite like a water feature. Our landscape contractors can install water fountains, waterfalls, ponds, scuppers or sconces, bubblers or jets, and more.

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Fire Pit/Fireplace

Stay warm and cozy during cool Pennsylvania nights with a fire pit or fireplace. Typically a fireplace is in the same area as the patio and seating areas, but a fire pit can be placed further away from the home. Our team can advise the best placement based on the trees and foliage in the yard.

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Excellent for creating shade, pergolas are a popular choice for outdoor living spaces. They can be built completely separate from the home, or as an extension of the home’s roof. Whatever the final design of the pergola, you can trust that ZJ’s Estate Maintenance will build it with exceptional care.

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Privacy Fence

If you have neighbors nearby, there’s nothing better than a solid privacy fence to ensure that your space is your own. We use only the finest materials to build fences that improve the look of your yard.

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Outdoor Kitchens

Create the ultimate entertaining outdoor space with a kitchen fully equipped with a grill, smoker, refrigerator, storage, and more. Combining a patio, seating, and overhead coverage, an outdoor kitchen lets you truly enjoy being outside.

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